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Glub Tech Secure FTP Applet for Unix 2.5.19

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June 4 2009


Glub Tech Secure FTP Applet for Unix 2.5.19


FTPS client that allows for a 256-bit AES encrypted secure connection.

Secure FTP Applet is a browser-hosted FTPS client that allows for a 256-bit AES encrypted secure connection to be made to a server that supports FTP over SSL (or FTPS).

Secure FTP Applet has all the power of the desktop client but LiVES within the Chrome of your favorite web browser. This makes deployment to your customers both easy and secure.

Key Features:

* Fully TLS/SSL compliant
* Supports strong 256-bit AES encryption
* Supports both explicit and implicit SSL connections
* Encryption on both command and data channels


* Simple and clean design
* Works with most FTPS compliant servers
* Command-line scripting
* Supports Mode Z compression


* Fully cross-platform client
* Support for SOCKS proxy
* Supports Clear Command Channel (CCC)
* Works with personal SSL certificates
* Option for global bookmarks
* Multi-lingual user interface

2.5.19 [20090514]:
* Added support for EBCDIC.
* Better handling of bad or unauthenticated certs/peers.
* [GUI] We Now have a German version of Secure FTP!
* [GUI] Update to JavaHelp 2.0.5.
* [GUI] Minor UI improvements.
* [CLI] Fixed return codes on transfer failure.
* [CLI] Allow for multiple dir listings in one call.
* Updated to use Secure FTP Bean [v2.5.11].

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