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BalanceNG 2.298

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March 18 2010


BalanceNG 2.298


BalanceNG (Balance Next Generation) is a Software IP Load Balancing Solution.

EditByBrothersoft: BalanceNG (Balance Next Generation) is a Software IP Load Balancing Solution utilising its own network stacks and functionality. It runs on Linux-x86 (2.4 and 2.6 kernels distribution independent) and Solaris 10.

General Features

* Layer 2 (Ethernet) "switching engine" based software load balancer.
* Running under Linux (Using the PF_PACKET socket API) and Solaris (STREAMS/DLPI API).
* Backup targets (hosts) specifiable in case of failure of all primary targets.
* "Alert" and "Upalert" notification script interface.
* Direct Server Return (DSR) operation support.
* Unchanged client addresses on IP-level.
* Small, very fast and reliable.
* Simple to implement and administer.
* Simple "init script style" arguments like "start", "stop" and "status" (and "control" for interactive configuration and control).
* Interactive communications mode with command line editing.
* Pcap packet dumping with automated dumpfile rotation (e.g. to implement a "transparent forensic logging bridge").
* Multi-Node High Availability capability using standard VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol).
* "All service load balancing" based on client IP address allows generic load balancing independent of specific ports.
* SNMP support integrating into Net-SNMP with the BalanceNG MIB.
* Up to 128 parallel instances (fully independent BalanceNG load balancers) on the same host machine.
* Up to 1024 load balancing target servers (hard limit) per instance.
* Up to 512 virtual servers (hard limit) per instance.
* NAT state replication between master and backup node.
* VRRP tracking supported to allow automatic resource tracking and failover.
* NEW: Location-based server load-balacing utilizing a very fast in-memory IP-to-location database (IPDB/LGRP).
* NEW: DNS-based GSLB (Global Server Load-Balancing).

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