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f2c compiler

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January 18 2010


f2c compiler


To compile f2c on Linux or Unix systems, copy makefile.u to makefile

BSEditor: To compile f2c on Linux or Unix systems, Copy makefile.u to makefile,edit makefile if necessary (see the comments in it and below) andtype "make" (or maybe "nmake", depending on your system).

To compile f2c.exe on MS Windows systems with Microsoft Visual C++,

With other PC compilers, you may need to compile xsum.c with -DMSDOS(i.e., with MSDOS #defined).

If your compiler does not understand ANSI/ISO C syntax (i.e., ifyou have a K&R C compiler), compile with -DKR_headers .

On non-Unix systems where files have separate binary and text modes,you may need to "make xsumr.out" rather than "make xsum.out".

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