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GPassword Manager for Linux 3.0.7

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February 27 2015


GPassword Manager for Linux 3.0.7


    GPassword Manager is a simple, lightweight yet very powerful application designed to help users manage passwords. It was designed with simplicity and usability as a goal, but does not sacrifice on security. Developed cross-platform with Qt and Crypto++ for file encryption.


· Intuitive, lightweight interface that does what you want without all the extras
· Secure file encryption, with one master password to unlock your bag of secrets
· Keep a list of favorites and access them quickly by using the convenient tray icon
· Click-and-drag passwords and other information onto forms for quick fill-out
· Quick search bar for finding the password you need
· Flexible enough to store any kind of secret information, yet simple enough for anyone to use
· Auto-generate passwords with the click of a button
· Fields obscured or shown in the interface, according to user preference
· Quick-launch your favorite websites by right-clicking the convenient tray icon

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