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ibod 1.4

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August 1 2011


ibod 1.4


ibod is a ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon designed to operate in conjunction with isdn4linux. ibod is a ISDN MPPP bandwidth-on-demand daemon designed to operate in conjunction with isdn4linux. The program monitors inbound and outbound traffic on the ISDN interface. When the required bandwidth exceeds the capacity of a B-channel ISDN (64 kbps), a second (slave) channel is connected by protocol.Ibod MPPP is a daemon for GNU / Linux that continuously monitors the ISDN interface for incoming and outgoing traffic flow. When traffic passes a certain limit in bytes / second, it tries to connect additional B channels (channels of slaves) to increase the capacity of 64kbps to a multiple of 64 kbps. The number of channels depends on the slave the necessary bandwidth. When the traffic down below the limit specified chains of slaves disconnected.The program is completely independent and can be started and stopped at any time without disrupting traffic during the ISDN interface.

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