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Handel::Manual::Cookbook::WritingCustomStorage 1.00006

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September 3 2011


Handel::Manual::Cookbook::WritingCustomStorage 1.00006


Handel:: Manual:: Cookbook:: WritingCustomStorage is a step by step example of writing d A custom storage class. This document will cover the basic steps necessary to write a custom storage class 1.0 for Handel. For this exercise, we will write a class of XML storage that will store a cart and its components in a single XML file, including the ability to search generic as our storage class DBIC. The new class of storage could be used for order and order items as well.Writing a custom storage class is just a matter of subclassing Handel:: Storage and Handel:: Storage:: Result of implementation and methods needed to create / delete / carts and research articles and begin / commit / rollback transactions and update calls.The code example below shows how to write a custom storage class in Handel. Although it covers the basic steps, it is by no means a full implementation of all possible features, including things like the column values by default, the validation parameters, etc. These are left as an exercise for the reader to implement according to their particular situation and application needs.GETTING STARTEDCreate a Blank FileFirst XML, we'll create the XML file that we use to store baskets in: <? xml version = "1.0"? > Save this <Charrettes /> carts.xml in a place of your choice. As we add to that file later, it will have the following format: <? Xml version = "1.0"? > <Charrettes> <panier Id = "1" Shopper "1" = name = "Mon Panier"> <id Article "1" sku = = = "ABC-123" quantity "1" price = "1.23" /> < / cart> </ basket> Requirements: Perl ·

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