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Lab::VISA::Tutorial 1.12

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September 3 2011


Lab::VISA::Tutorial 1.12


Lab::VISA::Tutorial is a Perl Tutorial on using Lab::VISA and related packages.IntroductionLab::VISA and its related packages allow to perform test and measurement tasks with Perl scripts. It provides an interface to National Instruments' NI-VISA library, making the standard VISA calls available from within Perl programs. Dedicated instrument driver classes relieve the user from taking care for internal details and make measurements as easy as $voltage=$multimeter->read_voltage().The Lab::... software is divided into three parts. They are built on top of each other and provide increasing comfort. Your measurement scripts can be based on each of these stages.The lowest level is Lab::VISA. It makes the NI-VISA library accessible from perl and therefor allows to make any standard VISA call.The modules in the Lab::Instrument package make communication with instruments easier by silently handling the protocol involved.Package Lab::Tools is the highest abstraction layer. These modules provide support for writing good measurement scripts. They offer means of saving data and related meta information to disk, plotting data etc.This tutorial will explain how to write measurement scripts that build on any of these stages. However, this tutorial does not intend to teach the Perl language itself. Some introduction into VISA and GPIB terminology is given, but then some familarity also with these concepts is assumed. Not much is required. If you feel the need for more information on Perl or VISA/GPIB, please see the "References" section[1-6]. Requirements: · Perl

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