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Nabaztag 0.04

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September 2 2011


Nabaztag 0.04


Nabaztag is a Perl module to interface your Nabaztag! This module is designed to allow you to control a Nabaztag with the programming language Perl. See about section to know what API fits.It was tested with my Nabaztag own and seems to work perfectly.It also provide a simple command line to try your Nabaztag: nabaztry (see Synopsis). This tool is installed in / usr / bin / It makes great use LWP:: Simple to interact with the rabbit.SYNOPSISCommandline: $ TOKEN MAC posLeft POSRIGHTPerl code: Nabaztag use; # OR # use Nabaztag ( ' debug '=> 1); my $ nab = nab Nabaztag-> new () # REQUIRED $ nab-> Mac ($ mac); $> token ($ tok) # See new function to get details on the how to obtain these properties. $ Nab-> leftEarPos ($ left); $ nab-> rightEarPos ($ right); $ nab-> SyncStation (); $ nab-> sayThis ( "Tomorrow it will rain Crickets up the total extinction of the human race. "); ..... Requirements: Perl ·

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