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Hanggame 1.6.3

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September 23 2011


Hanggame 1.6.3


Hanggame project is a hangman game written using the library.This Thurs Allegro is a game of hangman! It is written using the allegro game library. 2006-04-02: I have decided that the code is so bland and difficult to work, I will probably not continue. Edit: I may have a go at redoing parts. not promises! Requirements: Allegro LibWhat · New in this version: · words dict.dll dll now feel that I can update the dictionary without having to change the exe · allowed to break compatibility with Linux !!!!· dll I I now compress exe file, it is currently about 400k rather than 6MB! · I now started to write this file · there is a new start screen · It's not over!

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