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jabber.el 0.7.1 / 0.7.92 Beta

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October 5 2011


jabber.el 0.7.1 / 0.7.92 Beta


jabber.el or emacs-jabber is a minimal Jabber client for Emacs. It may seem strange to have a chat client in an editor, but consider that chatting is, after all, just a special case of text editing.What is Jabber?Jabber is an open instant messaging (IM) system, also known as XMPP. It is described in RFCs 3920-3923 and a series of XEPs (XMPP Extension Proposals). That is, unlike legacy IM systems (such as ICQ or MSN Messenger), the protocol is published in the open, free for anyone to implement. Therefore you shouldn't be surprised that there is a Jabber client for Emacs, too. (If you are not of the Emacs Persuasion, see this list of Jabber clients.)Jabber is, like e-mail, a decentralised system. A Jabber identifier (JID) is of the form username@server, just like an e-mail address, and every Jabber user whose server is open to Internet connections can communicate with any other user. This is in stark contrast to the legacy "walled-garden" IM systems, where you need a separate account for each system to be able to communicate with its users. Note that the Google Talk service is an XMPP service, so if you have a GMail account, you already have a JID ending with Jabber, you have a "roster", a list of contacts. You can see which of them are online at the moment, and chat with them. (You can also send messages to an offline contact, and the message will be stored on the server for later delivery.) Jabber also supports IRC-style chat rooms. Requirements: · Emacs · Gnus What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Send priority only if current priority is non-nil · Improve handling of MUC nickname change errors · Remove debug output Fix building of jabber-autoloads under Emacs 21 · Treat texinfo.tex as `precious', i.e. don't archive it · If the user gives no input for network server, don't try to connect to the empty string · Run jabber-pre-disconnect-hook in jabber-disconnect · Multiaccountify jabber-lost-connection-hook · Include jabber-roster-sort-by-group in options of jabber-roster-sort-functions · Don't use goto-line in jabber-display-roster, for it sets the mark · Clearer error message when no SASL mechanism was found · Add libnotify alerts by Rodrigo Lazo · Make it visible that connection is lost in mode line and roster buffer · Fix joining group chat from xmpp URL · jabber-process-chat: only create chat buffer if we would use it · WhiteSpace pings, enabled by default (should fix OpenFire problem) · Clearer error message when failing to connect because of no STARTTLS · Fix docstring and type of jabber-ft-md5sum-program · jabber-activity-personal-face added · Banned list for activity mode added · Jabber autoanswerer added · MUC room invitation fix

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